About Ron ter Burg

ron_vk_250Ron ter Burg is a dedicated Dutch Landscape photographer. Since 1991 Ron is addicted to landscape photography. His specialties are the landscapes in the north of The Netherlands. Ron supplies his images to a wide range of clients via his Stock Agency Buiten-Beeld .

Ron ter Burg (Groningen, 1969) is living in Roden a village in Drenthe which is a province in The Netherlands. Ron started with photography in 1991. In the analogue era Ron has gained the technical knowledge of photography. Since 2003 Ron only uses digital cameras for his photography


From the beginning of Ron’s photo career he was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape. The beautiful lines and colors of the landscape are a great inspiration for him and characterize his landscape pictures.


The Dutch Landscape and the Dutch culture are Ron’s main subjects.
The main part of Ron’s pictures are made in The Netherlands. The National Parks in the north of the Netherlands and the Waddensea are Ron’s favorite areas. This areas house all the subjects for landscape photography.


Ron gives from time to time lectures about landscape photography. If you are interested, please contact him.
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