New isn’t always better…



leegOostervoortsediep in de winter; The Oortervoortsediep in winter.

People who regularly visit my website have noticed I had a temporary website online for a few weeks, because I wanted to redesign my website. In December I was updating my website. I made a huge mistake and my complete website was down. I didn’t have a clue how to fix it again, so I thought this is a nice moment to redesign is and change my website into a brand new lay-out.

After a few week of trying new lay-out I had to draw the conclusion that the lay-out I was using wasn’t that bad at all. So today I have fixed my website and I have put it back online in the old lay-out. You see, new isn’t always better.

Winter in Ezinge. Winter at Ezinge.


2013 was not a good year for me. Some major things happend in my live which blew away all the creativity which used to be inside of me. But now it is 2014 and I will start going out in the field again enjoying the beauty of nature. I hope winter will arrive soon and we will get some circumstances as in the pictures above.

For now I wish you all a very joyful, healthy and creative 2014. I hope we will meet each other in the field again.

Have fun out here!





  1. Marcel Haddeman via Facebook

    Veel succes gewenst in 2014!! Dat we weer mooie foto’s mogen zien.

  2. Arjan Keers via Facebook

    Ik wens jou ook alle goeds voor 2014 en ik hoop weer veel mooie foto`s te mogen zien van je 🙂

  3. Dan wens ik je voor 2014 alle geluk en creativiteit! Een nieuw jaar 🙂

  4. Hoop voor je dat je de inspiratie weer terug vindt in 2014 Ron!

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