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During the year I give several private workshops to people who contact me for a workshop. Yesterday I gave a workshop to a Canadian guy Ed who already attended a workshop of me last year. This time I drove him and his girlfriend through the beautiful country of the North of the Netherlands and we ended in a place which is very familiar to me. This place is called Paesens/Moddergat at the Frisian coast of the Waddensea.

When you visit a place very often you get used to the place and the beauty of it. For me this was also the case with Paesens/Moddergat. When I think of this place I think: I have been there and I have seen it all…

Waddenzee; Waddesea

That was until yesterday. We we arrived over there not only Ed got overwhelmed by the beauty and the specialty of Moddergat. I also got surprised again how this place offered us beautiful light, the lovely shapes in the mud flats and the silence of the Waddensea. During the workshop where I explained how to take beautiful landscape picture I managed to take some picture myself.

After post processing the images I was very sure, this is a place who shows you its specialty every time you go there by its lovely light, wide view and nice shapes.

Have fun out there!


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  1. Schitterende foto’s Ron.

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