Mother Nature keeps surprising us


Berijpte bomen; Frozen Trees

Mother nature keeps surprising us this winter. After a pretty long period of cold temperatures the thaw will arrive soon in the Netherlands.But before the thaw arrives mother nature surprised us with a foggy morning which covered the trees with frost.Last Friday the conditions looked very good, so I went out to take some pictures. I had the plan to go the the provence of Drenthe to take some picture at the woods. Unfortunately the sun disappeared behind the clouds, so I decided to go up north to the National Park Lauwersmeer.
When I arrived at the Lauwersmeer the conditions were still foggy, but the trees looked great.I drove to the Kollumerwaard a well known spot for me. The white trees almost disappeared in the white landscape and this was exactly what I wanted to capture in my image.Berijpte bomen; Frozen TreesThis is the image I had in mind. It almost looks like a B&W image with this monotone colors.I hope you like it.

Have fun out there!




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