The Winding Drentsche Aa


It was a cold morning and the water of the Drentsche Aa was relatively hot. This means fog above the the water and great circumstances for some lovely landscape pictures.

I wanted to go to this spot for a long time. I often walk with my wife and dogs at the National Park The Drentsche Aa and always pass this location. This spot fascinated me because you have a nice view on the winding stream of the Drentsche Aa with a solitary tree in the background.

I wanted to take this picture on a foggy morning with nice light and a some beautiful clouds in the sky.
According to the weather forecast this morning could be the morning with the right circumstances.

So I went to this location to try it for the first time in the circumstances I had in mind. No guarantees that it would “work”, but I was eager to try this location.
When I arrived I knew I made the right choice. The only this that concerned me was the solitary tree. It almost disappeared against the trees in the back ground.

I viewed the spot from different angles to see if was possible to separate the tree from the trees in the background.

The fog behind the tree already did this job, but it wasn’t enough. I knew I had to wait until the sun would rise above the horizon and lighten the trees in the background.

It ended up with this pleasant picture. I hope you like it.

Have fun out there!



  1. Hele mooie opname is het uiteindelijk geworden Ron. Mooi ook zoals je beschrijft hoe het tot stand is gekomen. Heel herkenbaar ! En een prachtplaat tot gevolg !!

    Groet Jan

  2. Het is je uiteindelijk gelukt om deze plaat tot een geslaagd einde te brengen. Mooi ook hoe de mist zich op de achtergrond een weg omhoog baant. De herfstkleuren en de rijp maken de plaat voor mij helemaal af.


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