Sunset at Lake IJssel

Yesterday I made a trip to Noord Holland to the windmills of Schermerhorn. I wanted to shoot some Dutch culture pictures just in the middle of the day for my stock agency.
At the end of the day I drove to the other side of the Lake IJssel and ended at the dam near Stavoren.
I didn’t have dinner yet, so I ate the remaining currant buns for diner during my walk at the top of the dam where sheep were grazing.
Somehow I didn’t watch my steps and ended up into the sheep droppings. When I crawled over the rocks I saw my trousers were totally under the sheep poo, so I had to wait for the sunset in a heavenly smell…


Landscape photography is a tough job…
Some technical stuff:
Canon EOS 5D – EF 17-40 F4 L at 17mm. Lee ND 0.9 graduated filter, ISO 50, F16 and 0,8 sec. and one clothes pin…


Have fun out there!

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  1. Roel Vdw via Facebook

    Thanks for the technical stuff and sorry for the smell, although it made me laugh 🙂 Super shot

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