Flowery farming field

In this blogpost I want to show you something different. Normally I show you my pictures and the story behind them. This time I want to share with you the good work the Agrarian Nature Society in the North of the Netherlands is doing.

This society is a cooperation between farmers, covernment and nature organizations who e.g. want to create flowery farming lands. Especially the edges next to the farming fields are pointed out for these flowery fields. This organizations have created lots of these flowery fields in the province of Drenthe and Groningen. This is not only a beautiful sight but it is also good for the population of (rare) birds and insects.

In June I took some pictures of a field with Oxeye Daisy flowers and poppies in the north of Groningen. We were surrounded by Corn Crakes that evening. These Corn Crakes are a rather rare species in the Netherlands. They love to breed in these flowery fields as in the one we were that evening.

Right behind our garden there is a flowery field created by the Agrarian Nature Society Drenthe. It is a beautiful sight when we look at our back garden and at the farming fields behind it. A field with lots of sunflowers, cornflowers and poppies are a nice colorful interruption to the potato-fields around them.

I hope the next years this organization will expand the flowery fields throughout the Netherlands so you all can enjoy these beautiful fields.

Have fun out there!

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