Zwarte Haan

Yesterday evening I went out for another photo-trip. I wanted to go to a spot at the IJsselmeer. I didn’t exactly know which spot, but I would let the light lead my way.

On my way to the IJsselmeer I saw the clouds move from the south to the north. I assumed at sunset the clouds would be gone at the IJsselmeer. In the north I saw beautiful high clouds in the sky, which would turn red after the sun had set behind the horizon. I decided to change my plans and drive to Harlingen where is the port to the Isles Terschelling and Vlieland. On the south side of Harlingen is a small beach where I would try my luck. There is  a big dam with the church of Harlingen and the town itself in the background.

When I arrived at this spot I saw the statue “De stenen man” (the stone man) was under construction, so this place was also not an option for good pictures (I should have done a better preparation…). I had to change my plans again.

I knew a place at the Wadden Sea which I had visited a long time ago. This is a hamlet at the Wadden Sea called Zwarte Haan. Until World War Two this was the port where the ferry to the Isle of Ameland departed and arrived. The Germans transferred this port to Holwerd. This place is still in use to get to Ameland.

When I arrived at Zwarte Haan, the condition did’t look very good. There were a lot of clouds in the sky and the sun often disappeared behind them. I decided to wait until sunset to look what nature would bring.

At the end the clouds turned a little red which gave me the opportunity to take this picture.

You can find some more pictures at the website of my stock agencie Buiten-Beeld.

Have fun out there!

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