Port of Lauwersoog


Another picture of last weeks session at the port of Lauwersoog (see my portfolio for the other photo). The last few days it was very crowded at the ferry to the isle Schiermonnikoog. With temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius and more everyone wants to visit one of the Dutch Wadden-Islands to enjoy a nice day in the sun.

Unfortunately the summer weather in the Netherlands will come to an end this weekend. Temperatures will drop 10 degrees and sun and rain will appear during the day.
This gives us landscape photographer the opportunity to shoot pictures like this.

I love a nice cloudy sky. Especially when the wind blows from the north-west. In this circumstances there are clear skies and white clouds. I call these circumstances the typical Dutch skies.
Hopefully we will get some of these skies the next weeks.

Some technical stuff:
I always shoot pictures like this with a ND graduated filter, because the sky is significantly lighter than the foreground.
I also always use a sturdy tripod and a solid ball head. A good tripod and ball head will improve the sharpness of your pictures a lot.

This pictures is taken with a ND0.9 grad filter at 40mm, F8 at 1/40 sec.

Happy shooting!

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