Evening fun


After a very busy periode with a publication in the book “Grunnegers”, lots of work for my stock agency Buiten-Beeld, an interview for the photo magazine Zoom and some other photo assignments I finally had some time to go out and have some fun with my good friend Bas Meelker.

We went to the IJsselmeer to take some evening shots at a small beach. For Bas this was the second time this week to be there. We both love playing with the light, lines and details, so this was the place to be! Dark clouds were moving fast in the sky. Already proclaiming the bad weather which would keep us inside for the next few days. But that’s okay. I love moving clouds. They give the pictures a dynamic touch. With a good use of filters, moving clouds can make a picture much better. This is exactly what we tried to manage in this trip.

After an evening of fun with the light and circumstances we ended up at a small sandbank in the IJsselmeer. With our ankles into the water we took pictures of this little isle until the light had totally disappeared. Shutter-speeds of 150 seconds gaven us the opportunity to capture dramatics moving skies. The low light lighted the sandbank just enough to give the picture above the finishing touch.

It was a lovely and inspring evening with lots of fun, a great talk about our vision on landscape photography and making plans for the future. We have to do this more often..


  1. Prachtig! Heerlijk voor jullie om samen op stap te gaan en je te laten inspireren door de omstandigheden.

  2. @RonterBurg Mooie foto’s, dat smeltende ijs geeft erg leuke effecten. Evening fun http://t.co/hESLOWHE

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